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You can order a pad HERE and a table HERE. You have to follow the different steps to order a complete pad or table. It’s very easy! 

Each pad has corresponding information on the product page, including the weight and dimensions of the product. The inlays also have additional information about the fabric.

Vorst&bosch only works with high-quality materials. Both the leather and the artificial leather are of superior quality. The only difference is the way it feels, as the imitation leather looks almost identical to the leather version.

Vorst&bosch currently offers three different types of fabric: microfiber, Velvet+, and wool. All three fabrics are of high quality. Velvet+ and microfiber are often chosen for their rich colors and the ability to laser engrave. Velvet+ is the softest feeling fabric, followed by microfiber, which has a rougher texture. Wool is often chosen for its artisanal appearance and because the fabric does not leave marks. Laser engraving on wool is not recommended.

Which fabric is most suitable for you depends on your personal preferences. It is best to come and feel the pads in the store or during one of the conventions we attend, such as BMC.


At Vorst&bosch, everything is handmade, which makes us very flexible in making custom products. Do you want a different fabric or color on your base or inlay? Please contact us and we will be happy to explore the possibilities with you.

At Vorst&bosch, everything is handmade, which makes us very flexible in making custom products.Do you want a pad or table with special dimensions? We are happy to explore the possible options with you. With our team of carpenters and furniture upholsterers, no task is impossible!

If you want to have your pad lasered, you can indicate this immediately with your order by ordering THIS product. You pay per design. Once we start working on your order, we will contact you so that you can provide us with the logo. You can also indicate the placement and the desired dimensions of the logo are.

At The Premium Magic Store, you can find  Vorst&Bosch’s O2 laser machine. This laser machine burns the desired logo, your name, your information or text onto the pad.

This has both advantages and disadvantages: the advantage is that your logo will never fade or weaken. The disadvantage is that your logo cannot be placed in color.


The prices are exclusive of 21% VAT. If you reside within the EU, you will be required to pay VAT on your purchases. However, if you reside outside the EU, you may not have to pay VAT.

Read our refund & return policies here.


The pads are made to order. In our store, we often have a stock of the most popular colors. However, it may happen that one of the products is not in stock and therefore needs to be made (by hand). We aim to ship orders within two weeks.

You can see the shipping costs during the checkout process of your order. We use a fixed price for shipping to a country/continent, depending you order pads or a table.

Yes, that is possible. Please write in the notes that you want the orders to be combined and sent together in one package.

Yes, that’s possible. You can pick up your order at The Premium Magic Store: Retselseweg 2a in Heeswijk-Dinther, the Netherlands. Please communicate beforehand that you will be coming, so we can make sure your order is ready for pick-up.

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